The Pogues-Rum,Sodomy And The Lash

To me one of the greatest albums of all time that fuses punks energy with traditional songs and exceptional songwriting from shane macgowan.Where Shane gets his words from I don’t know but his own songs can be very moving.

I first bought this album on release in 1985! on recommendation of a friend of mine who was already a massive fan,but to be honest it took months of playing before it really clicked and i totally fell in love with this album, to me there is not a bad song on here and im surprised a little by how the first 2 pogues albums are slightly overlooked in favour of “if I should fall from grace with god” but i suppose the success of fairytale of new york will always make that album the one most people buy first.

I saw the Pogues at Leeds uni around 86 I think, the memory is pretty hazy I would say they would have been at their peak then,as a live experience I think it was a fantastic drunken night!

If god forbid you have never heard this album its a must buy, and if you’ve not played it for a while give it a spin today and listen to how fresh and fantastic it sounds!


The Pogues-A Rainy Night In Soho

Nothing to add really to this a beautiful song for a very beautiful girl.

Suede-Stay together

Never a big fan at the time to be honest i liked the occasional single that they did but this is just fantastic! Over 8 mins long version!

Anyone got any suede bootlegs or seen them live? any good?

Not much blogging at the moment currently working as a slave!


The Professionals Mods Punks Skins

Long forgotten single from the professionals this is their finest moment! me I was all 3 at some point!

Come on you irons!

The clash- Cut The Crap Demos 83

Bit of deviation from the usual stories about bands I have seen, in fact this may become a usual thing posting a few bootlegs! Anyway we all know Cut the Crap is well Crap! Bernie Rhodes so much to answer for! Anyway here is a bunch of demos from around that time give them a listen!

link is here

Angelic Upstarts!-Police Oppression!

Police oppression just came up on iTunes shuffle so had to write this! The Upstarts what a bloody band they were live absolutely crazy!

I only saw them twice  but the first time, i  can recall it like yesterday, mensi on stage in his policeman cap and then the real pigs head is on stage and is then flung into the audience when they do who killed liddle and police oppression! Can you imagine that these days? You’re in your very small local pub pogoing to a band when this pigs head goes flying by!

Police oppression is one of those songs that still makes me want to jump about and go mental!!

I’m an upstart another song to go mental too!

teenage warning on TOTP this proves anything is possible!

So after the gig a skinhead that I know claims the pig’s head and takes it out of the pub with him with me following closely as were stood about outside a taxi pulls up waiting for his fare, well the skinhead who remains nameless decides it would be a good idea to throw the pig’s head in the taxi, and as this is Bradford it’s not a good idea as the asian taxi driver leaps out of his car and goes absolutely mental! all I can say is we decided to leg it, and I must say on behalf of the skinhead it was not racially motivated we were just kids who did not understand what it meant.

The Angelic Upstarts the band who gave me a night that’s never been forgotten to this day! I salute You!

The Wall-New Way Ep

This  ep by the wall is one of punks forgotten classics, a 3 track ep by a band a fair few of you wont of heard of! I happened to catch this band live in 79 i think from Sunderland originally  they were fantastic a band with ruts type energy! i belive that the original band only released this single before splitting though the name carried on and they released numerous singles and lps,in fact one of my school friends ended up as the guitarist!  to me nothing they did topped this first single, give it a listen or go out and buy the mp3s! if you’re not sure where to get hold of this message me!

1976-80 the best time to have your youth i think, so many forgotten bands bringing so much brilliant music out, it’s all out there to be rediscovered! If you remember this single can you leave a comment or message me on twitter! thanks!