The Esteemed Orange Juice!

The esteemed Orange juice a band from Scotland who were like no other at the time! edwyn Collins whose lyrics healed many a broken heart of mine whilst I stayed up late drinking and smoking heavily as another romance bit the dust, started out as a punk band but soon moved on to create some of the most underrated pop ever IMO!

My first taste of Orange juice came with their first album you can’t hide your love forever

  1. Falling and laughing” – 3:51
  2. “Untitled Melody” – 2:04
  3. “Wan Light” – 2:23
  4. “Tender Object” – 4:25
  5. “Dying Day” – 3:00
  6. “L.O.V.E. Love” – 3:32
  7. “Intuition Told Me (Part 1)” – 1:09
  8. “Upwards And Onwards” – 2:27
  9. “Satellite City” – 2:43
  10. “Three Cheers For Our Side” – 2:50
  11. “Consolation Prize” – 2:50
  12. “Felicity” – 2:34
  13. “In a Nutshell” – 4:15

From first track to last this is an absolute classic album and it has not even got their biggest hit rip it up on!

The band had the one hit single with the mentioned rip it up and I thought they were going to become massive but alas it was not to be! and after 2 more albums they split and edwyn continued with a solo career which I have followed closely.

I never got to see orange juice live too busy with the football then, but i finally got to see edwyn live in a pub in Leeds just before his girl like you single went massive! not many of us there the added bonus of paul cook of the sex pistols on drums and copious amounts of cherry vodka made for a fantastic night! If all you’ve heard is a girl like you check the gorgeous george album out its only a quid on amazon its fantastic!

Since then Edwyn has had some serious health problems which he has recovered from and is now touring again, if you get the chance go see the great man himself a great british songwriter very underrated! He is one of my favourite singers of all time!

Todays download is

orange juice

Glasgow Technical College
17th April 1980

Soundboard recording

01 Felicity
02 The Day I Went Down To Texas
03 Moscow
04 Simply Thrilled Honey
05 Blueboy
06 Upwards & Onwards
07 Tender Object
08 Falling And Laughing
09 Lovesick
10 Moscow (cut)



2 Comments on “The Esteemed Orange Juice!”

  1. Wonderful band, wonderful first album and it’s nice to see that Edwyn Collins has now been elevated to the status of “national treasure” which he so deserves.

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