The Pogues-Rum,Sodomy And The Lash

To me one of the greatest albums of all time that fuses punks energy with traditional songs and exceptional songwriting from shane macgowan.Where Shane gets his words from I don’t know but his own songs can be very moving.

I first bought this album on release in 1985! on recommendation of a friend of mine who was already a massive fan,but to be honest it took months of playing before it really clicked and i totally fell in love with this album, to me there is not a bad song on here and im surprised a little by how the first 2 pogues albums are slightly overlooked in favour of “if I should fall from grace with god” but i suppose the success of fairytale of new york will always make that album the one most people buy first.

I saw the Pogues at Leeds uni around 86 I think, the memory is pretty hazy I would say they would have been at their peak then,as a live experience I think it was a fantastic drunken night!

If god forbid you have never heard this album its a must buy, and if you’ve not played it for a while give it a spin today and listen to how fresh and fantastic it sounds!


One Comment on “The Pogues-Rum,Sodomy And The Lash”

  1. Jim Condon says:

    All these years later it’s still a masterpiece of a record. Their pinnacle without a doubt!

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