Angelic Upstarts!-Police Oppression!

Police oppression just came up on iTunes shuffle so had to write this! The Upstarts what a bloody band they were live absolutely crazy!

I only saw them twice  but the first time, i  can recall it like yesterday, mensi on stage in his policeman cap and then the real pigs head is on stage and is then flung into the audience when they do who killed liddle and police oppression! Can you imagine that these days? You’re in your very small local pub pogoing to a band when this pigs head goes flying by!

Police oppression is one of those songs that still makes me want to jump about and go mental!!

I’m an upstart another song to go mental too!

teenage warning on TOTP this proves anything is possible!

So after the gig a skinhead that I know claims the pig’s head and takes it out of the pub with him with me following closely as were stood about outside a taxi pulls up waiting for his fare, well the skinhead who remains nameless decides it would be a good idea to throw the pig’s head in the taxi, and as this is Bradford it’s not a good idea as the asian taxi driver leaps out of his car and goes absolutely mental! all I can say is we decided to leg it, and I must say on behalf of the skinhead it was not racially motivated we were just kids who did not understand what it meant.

The Angelic Upstarts the band who gave me a night that’s never been forgotten to this day! I salute You!


2 Comments on “Angelic Upstarts!-Police Oppression!”

  1. reznuk says:

    Wonderful, thanks for that memory (not that it’s so distant a memory – about 6 months ago I got a double cd collection of the Upstarts…. happy memories, and it still sounds good today).

    They were one of the first ‘real’ protest bands out of the punk movement in my opinion, not just angry aggressive lyrics, but real politics of change in there, and an understanding (albeit vie very youthful eyes) of what was happening to their society.

    • hitsvilleuk says:

      Thanks for reading steve! Yes they were a political band, who killed liddle? I lost touch with them after the teenage warning album but the police oppression single is a true punk classic! Good luck on Sunday!

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