The Wall-New Way Ep

This  ep by the wall is one of punks forgotten classics, a 3 track ep by a band a fair few of you wont of heard of! I happened to catch this band live in 79 i think from Sunderland originally  they were fantastic a band with ruts type energy! i belive that the original band only released this single before splitting though the name carried on and they released numerous singles and lps,in fact one of my school friends ended up as the guitarist!  to me nothing they did topped this first single, give it a listen or go out and buy the mp3s! if you’re not sure where to get hold of this message me!

1976-80 the best time to have your youth i think, so many forgotten bands bringing so much brilliant music out, it’s all out there to be rediscovered! If you remember this single can you leave a comment or message me on twitter! thanks!


One Comment on “The Wall-New Way Ep”

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