Spandau Ballet. More Shame!

Ok i think this is the one that is going to cause gasps of horror! but when Journeys to glory was released it was looked upon as ” fresh, bold, and even somewhat avant-garde”

It was 1981 punk was dead as a doornail and as then as now The Nme were hyping this band  a particular band then it was  spandau ballet! well anyway the first single from the album was to cut a long story short a single which even today sounds great to these old ears of mine. The album has dated badly to me ,im just playing it again now but i love this single

The other 2 tracks on the album which still sound great are the other singles musclebound and the freeze,

Spandau ballet eventually wrote true which is aan abomimation to music, but once at the start of their career they were cutting edge!

in fact Gary kemp recorded with mick jones out of the clash about 3 years ago and very good it is too. called the meaning of life track it down!

He who is without sin cast the first stone please!


Eddy Grant-Living On The Front Line Punky Reggae Party!

God i still love this record around 79 i think , we used to sit around peoples flats listening to reggae, and punk smoking spliffs going to gigs and going to reggae clubs in leeds and Bradford,Reggae and punk was a true cross over and my love of reggae has stayed with me since those days!

Here are a few great reggae tracks for your listening pleasure!

Ah what happened to all my west indian mates from school great days they were! Loads of great reggae out there go discover it now!

Tom Robinson Band-Up Against The Wall.

Yet another fantastic single from my era! another forgotten about band though tom does/did have a show on bbc6 music!

This song makes me want to jump about still! but im going to work now!

Sex Pistols-Satellite-Great B-sides.

Another fantastic b side this time from the sex pistols the b side to holidays in the sun! and a better track IMO!

Last post for a while you will all be pleased to know! Back to work tomorrow!

Gang Of Four-Damaged Goods. Punk Classic!

Another Leeds band seen these a few times i can even remember seeing them !

Best single for me! It still sounds fantastic now!

Damaged goods
Send them back
I can’t work
I can’t achieve
Send me back
Open the till
Give me the change
You said would do me good
Refund the cost
You said you’re cheap but you’re too much
Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour
Sometimes I’m thinking that I love you
But I know it’s only lust
The change will do you good
I always knew it would
You know the change will do you good
You know the change will do you good


Mekons-where Were You! Punk Classic!

One of punks greatest singles without a doubt! from the leeds band The Mekons!

saw them several times im sure! All  That cider and yates wine i drank then  has fucked my memory!

King Rocker Rock Rock Rock!

I loved generation x there ive said it, not keen on billy idol or his solo work but Generation x were a fantastic band,they had the look and even tho it was a bit more pop with attitude than punk like the pistols or clash they had the tunes too!

They were the first band to play the Roxy club in 1976!

first single your generation was a classic single.

followed by a string of classic singles

wild youth

ready steady go

king rocker

valley of the dolls

Fridays angels

dancing with myself

The first album is yet another classic debut album everyone should have it don’t be put off by billy!

Kiss me deadly is a stand out track on the album.

The 2nd album produced by Mott the Hoople leader  Ian hunter was released to cries that they had sold out but I loved it,it was around this time that i saw the band at Bradford uni, fantastic live i really loved them.

but poor sales brought along musical differences and soon only billy idol and tony james were left, they brought in ex clash drummer tory crimes(terry chimes) and james Stevenson on guitar changed their name to Gen x and released an album called Kiss me deadly, which to me is another fantastic album!


It was around this time I caught the band live again but this time in a pub in Bradford in front of maybe 20 people! Billy did not look happy at all,everyone thought that’s that for them but billy went to la became a cartoon punk and had loads of hits! Met tony james a lot of times as he now plays guitar in the band he formed with Mick jones, a lovely guy, we used to serenade him with the chorus of king rocker when we went to see carbon silicon!

If you’ve not heard the albums check them out!

Generation X another great band from the past.