Anarchy In The Uk Coming Today Maybe #26march

Thirty five years later! Feel the energy of this they were the real thing before the pantomime began.


Sex Pistols-Satellite-Great B-sides.

Another fantastic b side this time from the sex pistols the b side to holidays in the sun! and a better track IMO!

Last post for a while you will all be pleased to know! Back to work tomorrow!

Never mind The Bollocks Heres The Sex Pistols.

Even now 34 years later it still looks provocative,then it really was like it was the end of the world for some people, but for me it was what id been waiting for in music controversy, noise, swearing, guitars  and something that seemed to be speaking for me and people like me!

by the time it was released 27-10-77 we had already had the singles and the bootleg spunk so this was only giving us another 8 tracks but as a whole it was fantastic, a wall of pure noise,starting with holidays in the sun and moving onto bodies which i remember The Sun went apoplectic about! It was ok to have page 3 but to say fuck that was bad!The playing on the album is done mostly by steve jones and paul cook, sid the buffon did not play and glen matlock the sacked bassist came in to do some bass parts,for people saying the pistols could not play well that was a load of rubbish.When they sang no future it really felt like it the country was going to the dogs then a bit like now, but we dont have bands like the pistols now,now we have the x factor and their like,god save the kids of today!

When i brought this record home and played it i remember my mum going ballistic, remember she was someone who had been brought up in a small village in poland and ended up here after the 2nd world war,my parents thought they had seen everything with my brothers and sisters being mods, skins and glam fans, but then me the youngest topped them all by being a punk! the hair various shades of red, white, black, bondage pants,vivienne westwood clothes, that bloody noise coming from the record player,they did not know what to make of it! they even tried to lock me in the house so i could not go out! Happy days!

Anyway the rest of the record is just fantastic, everyone has got this album im sure, no filler once again and if you get the b sides too thats the lot its all the sexpistols did 16 songs which changed not only my world but your world too.

People forget now the effect the pistols had,the reunion killed it for them, but i and people of my age will never forget the impact they had on our lives,they saved us from rick wakeman and bands like elp!At the time they really  meant it maaaan!