Killing Joke.

Out of the ashes of punk came a band who I still go see to this day and who are playing Nottingham tomorrow night, i may get the train, and who are still relevent and releasing new material even now, Killing joke, I could tell you about all their albums but will just concentrate on the debut album for now!

I used to go watch them around 79/80 and im pretty sure my mates band southern death cult supported them at one point but its all a hazy memory!

starting with the opener requiem this album is a true classic

followed by Wardance

This was punk but taking a different turn to the other bands at the time, when you look back on it was it the start of industrial, was it post punk(what is post punk?)I don’t know but they were making the kind of noise I liked, live they were truly mental and still are, saw them in Sheffield a few years ago was deaf for a week!

Jaz Coleman a great front man who is mental live,youth on bass(did he remix a madonna track) Geordie on guitar and paul Ferguson on drums

this band make a hell of a racket live go see them they are not just trading on past glories and buy this album too! your collection needs it!

Now who fancys going to nottingham tomorrow night?

Footnote: this blog is moving very soon to a different place hope my readers will follow me there!