Spandau Ballet. More Shame!

Ok i think this is the one that is going to cause gasps of horror! but when Journeys to glory was released it was looked upon as ” fresh, bold, and even somewhat avant-garde”

It was 1981 punk was dead as a doornail and as then as now The Nme were hyping this band  a particular band then it was  spandau ballet! well anyway the first single from the album was to cut a long story short a single which even today sounds great to these old ears of mine. The album has dated badly to me ,im just playing it again now but i love this single

The other 2 tracks on the album which still sound great are the other singles musclebound and the freeze,

Spandau ballet eventually wrote true which is aan abomimation to music, but once at the start of their career they were cutting edge!

in fact Gary kemp recorded with mick jones out of the clash about 3 years ago and very good it is too. called the meaning of life track it down!

He who is without sin cast the first stone please!