Sing Michael Sing! Big Audio Dynamite Return!

Sometimes you wake up and you have a song in your head well rudie can’t fail is in my head today! I think its down to joe saying sing michael sing! Well Mick was singing again in liverpool with Big Audio Dynamite last night and i for one cant wait to see them, if you’ve never seen Mick perform live nows your chance! Dont miss it! Mick and joe were the voice of my generation!


Anti Fascist Pro- Creative See Y’ In There


Grandmaster Flash-The Message

What a track this is remember hearing on this on the john peel show for the first time and thinking this is brilliant but what the fuck is it! supported the clash in new york, the clash fans did not like him! Mick jones learnt a thing or 2 from grandmaster flash see the first Big Audio Dynamite album!

Discover early hip hop its groundbreaking!


the message from the tube Supercool


ok im all blogged out for a while!

My Deepest Guilt! U2

Ok lets put the record straight here i can not abide U2 or Bono I hate them with a passion! I saw them around the release of their first album boy in 1980 and I thought they were terrible,how they got to be so big is beyond me, to me and some others they stepped into the gap caused by the clash”s demise,they ripped the clash off with some of the stuff they did, in fact Mick jones big audio dynamite supported u2 on at least 1 tour! U2 are not fit to lick Jones”s boots!

But after all this I must admit one of my favourite albums is Achtung baby you can throw the rest of their stuff in the bin for me but this album released in 1991 is a classic to me!

Some great tracks on here

even better then the real thing


whos gona ride your wild horses


so cruel

Acrobat my personal fave on the album

in fact it makes you wonder how they have produced such dross before and after!

Listening to so cruel now makes me realise why i like this album, it reminds me of an ex who dumped me, the lyrics said it all at the time!

We used to play this incessantly in the kitchen I was working in at the time my kitchen had the best sounds in town, along with loads of punk classics,but this album has really stuck in my memory,and as i say nothing before or since that u2 have done has interested me in the slightest!

I’m sure there are a lot of U2 fans out there maybe a few read my blog, I would be interested to get some comments off this,what do people think of u2  most of my friends can’t stand them, I think its bonos fault! in fact I will get it in the neck from haters and admirers!

Albums a classic though no two ways about it im only sorry bono had something to do with it!

Got some achtung baby demos too if anyone is interested!

Coming Soon Tales of following England away 1990-1995!