Too Much Music? Or (why I Was So Thin As A Kid!)

In these days of instant legal and illegal downloads do you think you have access to too much music? As a kid growing up in the  70S records were things that you aspired to own and played to death once you had bought them! I remember saving up my school dinner money so I could buy records on a saturday!

This was one of my school dinner records!

Ah alice you were one of my first loves!

And another

I love early rod Stewart but that’s for another blog!

These  2 albums have stayed with me for nearly 40 years and there are many others  because i did not have much money so if  I bought an album I had to play and listen to it irrespective weather i liked it or not, and eventually albums I would discard nowadays i got into and grew to love, that’s what is happening now we play something once it does not grab us and we move on to the next download!

I dont know what the answer is but a while ago i stopped using shuffle all the time and went back to listening to full albums, I try to swap old ones with new ones and I still have days just listening to favourite stuff or stuff people remind me about (mezzanine by massive attack at the moment  because blogged about it! thanks paul!)

Great music needs to grow with us it’s not just a disposable commodity,give those new albums a few plays and a fair chance you might find some classics amongst them!

I would be interested in peoples thoughts about this.


8 Comments on “Too Much Music? Or (why I Was So Thin As A Kid!)”

  1. reznuk says:

    Really difficult one, but I tend to agree. As a youngster I used to buy an album, and relish taking it home, unwrapping it and sitting by the record player to listen to it over and over again with the lyrics usually on the sleeve. There wasn’t another new album every day, more like once a month or 2 months. So they were valued and loved much more. It’s also why I remember lyrics of songs I haven’t heard in 20 years but can’t remember those of songs I’ve been listening to yesterday.

    On the other hand, I’ve gone from listening to albums to listening on shuffle precisely *because* I have too much music now. I crave something different almost all the time, and the eclectic mix I listen to satisfies that need.

    It’s a tricky one indeed – on the one hand I kinda miss “the old days”, but on the other hand, I’m not 18 any more and there’s so much stuff to enjoy! Bring it on, I say!

  2. SpursSimon says:

    Some of the older posts on my blog cover a lot of these points

  3. Jim Condon says:

    I do think that the “on demand” culture of now has led to segmented and fractured listening habits. I gave up the shuffle thing to concentrate on album listening cos I found I was only skimming.

    There is almost too much to take in now. I’ll be 80 and still discovering stuff! Hopefully!

  4. an awful lot has been said about how the artists have to adapt to the new ways,but very little gets said about what the audience needs to do…you and your friends make a good point about how you’re constantly shuffling around on your ipods and listening to everything and often nothing…………..i think the audience needs to slow down and relax and just get into one record and not worry about what they might be missing elsewhere…youre probably not missing a lot anyway…just fadds and hype really………………it was funny seeing that rod stewart album cover in your posting…i remember that summer well 1972…incredible summer…rods’you wear it well’…t-rex’metal guru’…bowie’starman’ mott the hoople’all the young dudes’….’schools out’..silver machine… virginia plain…rocket man…all compressed into the one hot summer…its been downhill all the wayyyyy since then hahahahahaahaha.

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