Well which male  did not fall in love with Debbie Harry in the late 70s, I certainly did, the first time I came across her was with their first single x-offender, I prefered the b side in the flesh.

the band had massive hits in the uk and the world with Denis and touched by your presence dear.


both these tracks come from plastic letters a good album with some excellent tracks!

By 1981 most of the massive hits had dried up but I would recommend you get a Blondie greatest hits package if you don’t have any of their albums , they released some great songs!


this poster is still on my living room wall even now!


Rapture, not the first song to use rap by a white group but close to it released at a similar time to Sandinista by the clash and their opening track on that album was magnificent 7 also a white rapper! joe strummer!

Anyway Blondie were a great band with a gorgeous singer!

thanks go to

@DarrenArsenal1 on twitter for sending me down this road on this particular post!


3 Comments on “Blondie.”

  1. Jonas Brown says:

    Loved Blondie, played Parallel Lines over and over. Funny never really though of Magnificent 7 as rap yet it clearly is – Blondie were ripped for Rapture yet at the time it was a brave attempt at embracing a new form of music – so what if it wasn’t quite the message or rappers delight.

  2. Jim Condon says:

    Super, super singles band. Each single was a winner. Loved Blondie for those singles alone.

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