My Deepest Guilt! U2

Ok lets put the record straight here i can not abide U2 or Bono I hate them with a passion! I saw them around the release of their first album boy in 1980 and I thought they were terrible,how they got to be so big is beyond me, to me and some others they stepped into the gap caused by the clash”s demise,they ripped the clash off with some of the stuff they did, in fact Mick jones big audio dynamite supported u2 on at least 1 tour! U2 are not fit to lick Jones”s boots!

But after all this I must admit one of my favourite albums is Achtung baby you can throw the rest of their stuff in the bin for me but this album released in 1991 is a classic to me!

Some great tracks on here

even better then the real thing


whos gona ride your wild horses


so cruel

Acrobat my personal fave on the album

in fact it makes you wonder how they have produced such dross before and after!

Listening to so cruel now makes me realise why i like this album, it reminds me of an ex who dumped me, the lyrics said it all at the time!

We used to play this incessantly in the kitchen I was working in at the time my kitchen had the best sounds in town, along with loads of punk classics,but this album has really stuck in my memory,and as i say nothing before or since that u2 have done has interested me in the slightest!

I’m sure there are a lot of U2 fans out there maybe a few read my blog, I would be interested to get some comments off this,what do people think of u2  most of my friends can’t stand them, I think its bonos fault! in fact I will get it in the neck from haters and admirers!

Albums a classic though no two ways about it im only sorry bono had something to do with it!

Got some achtung baby demos too if anyone is interested!

Coming Soon Tales of following England away 1990-1995!


18 Comments on “My Deepest Guilt! U2”

  1. Jonas Brown says:

    Best band ever for me – I hear what you say and Bono’s preaching can be annoying but love all their music (except POP which is utter garbage)

    You say they ripped off the Clash – I’d argue they were inspired by them which is a compliment – or do we argue hown the Clash ripped of the Ramones and Dolls and then keep going backwards to how they all ripped of Bill Hayley et al?

    • hitsvilleuk says:

      we could go on forever jonas! like football its all about opinion! what im saying is the clash were just about to be massive and had broken america when they split up! thanks for reading and especially thanks for commenting!

  2. I like Achtung Baby, some of the early songs too. To me, Pop was the last chance they had to do something interesting and everyone hated it. So they could have gone in an interesting direction but didn’t. Can’t stand them now.

  3. Jonas Brown says:

    Just to say love the video choices – not the ones you’d automatically think of yet the longer you listen to this album the more those 3 songs grow

  4. SpursSimon says:

    Under A Blood Red Sky (at the time) was OK, the rest is too self indulgent. One of the few gigs I have left early to beat the traffic!

    • Jim Condon says:

      Actually I left early at one of their gigs too. 1985 or so..they were playing I think Dalymount with R.E.M. who I was in love with, 3rd on the bill. THIRD! After The Eurythmics! So after those REM boys played I hopped it to the utter amazement of my mates.

  5. Jim Condon says:

    Never liked the “2” to be honest. Boy and October have their moments but the rest of it is self aggrandising twaddle. Some people over here treat them like gods and it just sets my teeth on edge….edge…ha ha.

  6. i find fans and musicians far more annoying than bono or U2 could ever be….there’s even a chap in your comments who calls U2 the ‘2’..i mean really….pleeeeeze?!@£$%^…some get a false sense of rock n roll credentials by putting that remarkable band down…..small town “worthys” hating bono,when infact that chap has done more to help people than any of those bleeders…i toured with U2 in a crappy little band i was in..we toured with lots of people and there was always a’buy on’…that means you pay the heading band thousands of pounds to open for them on a tour…we paid eurythmics/police ect ect loads of money to open for them,but U2 wouldnt take a penny ..they even offered us free fresh guitar strings from their supply..they were kind and decent people,and this was during their ‘war’ record..they weren’t rich then..and i defy any person to sit in a room with bono for 15 minutes and not find him a total’s amazing how he got people like george bush to fork out millions for aids in africa….all the little ‘worthy’ dicksmokers who decry this band never ruminate on that….sure they’ve looked a bit bobbins every now and then,but what rock star growing up in public doesn’t?!…if you see a little bit of the clash in u2 it’;s hardly surprising..they were school kids when the clash/banshees were peaking……that whole canon of work is pretty striking ,and now theyre at a stage where theyre older and huge and so we dont really listen anymore ,no matter how good it is…believe it or not the rolling stones still make some great songs,but no one knows it…theyre so big you cant hear them….it’s like some sort of odd rock n roll paradox……..achtung baby is a great record…i along with the rest of the world absolutely agree…there’s a live version of U2 doing ‘one’ with mary j blige that really flys…..excuse the bad typing n’all…terrible grammar as usual……i love it that chefs play records while working,i never imagined that..silly sounds like a nice aspect of your job…the idea of getting into a record over several listenings while doing intense work in a kitchen…………y’know when you think of all the bands that split up over internal ego struggles,and becoming overly intoxicated by maybe two years of success,its striking to think who grounded U2’s ego might be that they’ve stayed together as a band and as friends for sooooo long…its a class entity with real intelligence weather you me or whoever like them or not….someone once said’the biggest revenge on cunts is to out-earn them,and no one is in dispute of that….some folk living tiny TINY little lives got on their case for moving their money out of ireland to avoid tax or something….but my instinct just tells me that theres so much money there that its too complex for the likes of others to ever take inventory on……but those people give more than they ever took.

  7. Jim Condon says:

    Shit. Mary Cigarettes totally owned me there. Well argued and passionate. I still don’t like them but that’s hardly going to annoy them.

  8. noelwade01 says:

    Great blogging as usual.I think at the time (79/80) we took these to be a student band that had an ‘arty’ following along with The Virgin Prunes.They really hit it big in Dublin by 1980 but were behind The Radiators(from space) and definitely behind the Blades,The Rats,Undertones,SLF in popularity.Needless to say they went stratospheric in the mid 80s with brilliance like Joshua Tree.No one likes it when you fill stadiums after thirty years but there you go.

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