Stoke V West Ham 12/03/11

Well there has been a lot written about this stoke side but im going to add my thoughts to the debate too!

Was it football we were watching yesterday,rugby or even american football with a bit of all in wrestling in it! To me it was the latter, as a kid I grew up watching british wrestling big daddy,giant haystacks,Mick mcmanus and my friends dad baby face jim breaks, they used to have tag team fights and the baddies would always bully the goodies by not really playing to the rules or just bending them enough.

To me this is how Stoke city operate lumping it up one guy actually going for the ball as the rest of the team block fight and grapple ala american football and all in wrestling, taking out opponents any which way none of it legally!

typical stoke player

How do they get away with it week after week? how was that not a penalty when de costa was wrestled to the ground? I have been a passive fan for years now but god was I shouting at the telly and swearing on twitter yesterday!

de costa goes down in the stoke penalty area!

And Pulis complaining about the hand ball for the first goal, people in glass houses etc etc. The referee was poor too he wanted to give stoke everything as he had allowed west hams goal, but the Wembley dream has gone now to be honest im pleased as we need to concentrate on stopping up!

I will thank stoke for one thing though im coming out of a self enforced retirement and going to start going to some away games, I was so incensed by the way they play that I want to shout and abuse such play live! I also want to take my place amongst the best supporters in the world the West Ham ones see you at Bolton!


3 Comments on “Stoke V West Ham 12/03/11”

  1. JamrockRover says:

    Well said they are an excuse for a football team. I was shouting for West Ham yesterday as I’m sure all right minded football fans were. The sooner the better referees clamp down on what they get up to in the penalty area.

  2. rapidhammer says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Wembley’s got to prepare for a “long ball classic”, and they’re used to American football too, there.
    I promise: I won’t even watch that game!
    And one of them will play in the Europa League…
    … and going to be dumped out by Rapid Vienna 😉 (cf. Aston Villa)

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