The Darkness-Permission To Land


As a self-proclaimed punk and music snob I give you my first guilty pleasure its Lowestoft finest The Darkness and their album permission to land!

I know im going to get slated for this but I absolutely love this album and my 10-year-old daughter loves it too!

I first came across the darkness whilst I was living in Norfolk and their big single seemed to be on the radio all the time

As a stand alone fun rock single I think its fantastic the guitar work is just brilliant and for me put the fun back into music!

As  for the album it starts with a great opener Black shuck then swiftly moves on to get your hands off my woman, I think this is just a fantastic rock song loud noisy and makes me want to jump about!

Growing on me next another slower rocker then the hit single thing called love!

So far to me no bad tracks just a great rock album

In fact other than friday night its a strong album, I belive the reason why the darkness get slated a lot is because of the singer Justin Hawkins, but put aside your dislike for him and its a great rock record listen to the music the guitar work its fantastic, give it another listen!

The darkness are reforming and I for one will be going to see them and will probably fight my way down to the front!



2 Comments on “The Darkness-Permission To Land”

  1. Jim Condon says:

    I’ll grant you the Queen obsession but not this one ha ha. Run away!!

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