Cranked Up Really High!

Slaughter and the dogs, to me that name just conjours up this mental hooligan punk band from Manchester and my friends dof and tuck who were crazy about them!

Formed in Manchester they were one of the first punk bands in the north and released some of punks most essential singles of all time!

  • Cranked Up Really High” / “The Bitch” (Rabid Records, June 1977)
  • “Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?” / “You’re A Bore” (Decca Records, September 1977)
  • “Dame to Blame” / “Johnny T” (Decca Records, November 1977)
  • “Quick Joey Small” / “Come on Back” (Decca Records, February 1978)



They released the classic album do it dog style in 78 and like a lot of the punk stuff from that time it  still sounds fresh and exciting, they should have had a lot more sucess than they did!

I caught them live around 78 i think and they were just something else amazing mike Rossi was an amazing guitarist and Wayne Barrett was mental, i think he moved to france that’s why they split up, you must add this album to your collection its a true punk classic, I think they are still touring (sadly) they wont be a patch on what they were in 78! Oh when we were very young!

An influence on the stone roses,Morrissey,new order, slaughter and the dogs a much forgotten band  check them out!


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