World Book Day High Fidelity/Lord Of The Flies

Well on world book day instead of the usual punk stuff im giving you my 2 favourite books.

The first one is high fidelity by Nick Hornby, I bought this when it came out to read on the plane to Cancun where I was going on holiday with my ex-wife in 95 I think , well I could not put it down and read it all in the 10 hour flight, my ex complained bitterly that i was not talking to her! Aspects of that book could have been written about me music obsessive,failed relationships, never knowing the right girl till she is gone I am rob or rob is me! I still love this book and reread it regularly! The film does not do it justice but is ok!

The 2nd book is lord of the flies by william Golding  I read this for the first time whilst on holiday in Poland in the very early 70s im half polish and we used to go holiday to my aunt’s farm for 6 weeks every year, I could never pack enough books and ended up pinching this off my brother, well what a story this is, the children on a desert island no supervision they split up into hunters and a group who look after the fire but it soon falls apart savagely.

These are just 2 of my favourite books there are many others!





2 Comments on “World Book Day High Fidelity/Lord Of The Flies”

  1. Jim Condon says:

    I had to do Flies in school and hated it. Only years later as an adult did I learn to appreciate it. Fidelity is bloody great. That and Fever Pitch are Hornby’s high watermarks.

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