After The Storm-Public Image Ltd.

And so after the whirlwind that was the sex pistols along came public image Ltd, The pistols limped along without rotten with the great rock n roll swindle and Ronnie Biggs but we knew it was over for them, I was devastated at the collapse of the pistols and probably even more devastated after they reformed!

But even though the pistols broke up in jan 78 by december of that year we had the pil album first issue!

Theme / Religion I / Religion II / Annalisa / Public Image / Low Life / Attack / Fodderstompf

This album was groundbreaking for me it’s still punk but different and still very dangerous

Theme a sprawling track the music on this was just something else with Lydon wailing over it fantastic!

Religion how they got away with this I don’t know written whilst still in the pistols, i think if the pistols had of done it they would have been killed! My mother a catholic went absolutely ballistic when she heard it she could not belive the words!

The only weak track is fodderstonpf i would call the album a classic but they would better it with their 2nd album.

Religion 1

Religion 2

Public image

And so to one of the greatest albums of all time metal box

So groundbreaking at the time from the music right down to the tin it came in what an album

I still have mine albeit a little bit tarnished!

(3 x 12″ in embossed metal tin, with track list insert)

It’s just an amazing album if you’ve not heard it you must go listen to it right now! it’s really that good!




the suit

This album was really like nothing before for me I still play it regularly this day!

I eventually got to see PIL in Leeds at the queens hall futurama festival

Look at the line up for saturday bloody amazing I have memories of Joy division and Pil were amazing to see but did only a short set,I think john had his back to the audience for most of the gig and im sure wobble was sat down!They came on late after joy division and did not go down too well with the punks!

set list was

1. Chant
2. Annalisa
3. Memories
4. Low Life
5. Public Image
6. Attack
7. Death Disco
8. Another
9. No Birds Do Sing

I caught Pil on their last tour and I must admit they were still fantastic live even with only Lydon left.If you get a chance to see them do its much better then the pistols reforming!

People see john Lydon as a butter seller/pantomime persona but he has produced some of the great british music of our time and was once viewed as the most dangerous man in britain.

If anyone is interested in some PIL bootlegs comment or send me a message as i have loads!

a copy of the gig i was at in leeds is here


3 Comments on “After The Storm-Public Image Ltd.”

  1. I have the metal box. No idea where it is… but I have it somewhere…
    Betcha it’ll probably have rust now though.

  2. Steve says:

    I have a shed load of PIL bootlegs but I’m always looking for something I dont have, would you mind emailing me a list of yours- I’d be happy to return you my list- who knows we might both have something the other needs- I load mine via megaupload & would be happy to send you any relevant link.

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