John Peel-The man who Changed My Musical Tastes.

For people of a certain age John peel between 10pm-12 midnight was a must listen to in the week!

On Radio 1 in those days we had the delights of DLT, tony Blackburn etc etc, not exactly cutting edge,then I discovered John Peel Just about as Punk was about to break, the range of eclectic records he played was amazing but in 77 he was the only dj who championed punk,with his booking of sessions and playing of the first fledging punk singles that were coming out!

And here’s the first!

I remember when a good session was on recording it and playing it to death on my little cassette player, this was before the days of instant illegal and legal downloads! Maybe that’s why is still love all those songs  and bands as you had to stick with a record even if you did not like it as you could not afford another one too often!

The  John peel session I really remember is the Linton Kwesi Johnson one it really got me into reggae which has become a lifelong love! Other great ones were the ruts stiff little fingers,Adam and the ants the damned and the famed smiths hatful of hollow recordings,where can you listen to anything like this these days,I remember tommy Vance doing the rock show on friday too.

John seemed to play everything to me some of it was rubbish but you would always find something you liked amongst it all, and in those days where else would you of found it? Would be good to have a dj like john around now! Anyone know of any good radio shows I like some bbc6 music but don’t want to listen to Lauren Laverne that to me is not what 6 music should be about!


Footnote, the clash were meant to record a session for john peel but Mr Mick Jones could not get out of bed, so the story goes!


download today is the John peel punk special from 76 listen to this and weep how bad music has become!




4 Comments on “John Peel-The man who Changed My Musical Tastes.”

  1. John Peel, as has been said so many times, opened up a whole world of music to young ears like ours. I too remember the Linton Kwesi Johnson session (although it could have been a repeat broadcast) and it was an awakening to the power of the spoken word. The Smiths sessions I remember too; standing absolutely still listening to the whole of ‘Reel Around The Fountain’ and then talking about it with mates in school the next day. JP is sorely missed but fondly remembered. We shall not see his like again!

  2. reznuk says:

    Great blog today mate, and a reminder of someone who changed our lives with his willingness to listen and play stuff that nobody else was. I don’t think we’ll see his like again because sadly I can’t see any mainstream radio station giving someone else the freedom he had. Great man.

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