Cockney Rejects-Harder Then The Rest.

Any band who calls their first album greatest hits vol 1 have got a lot of balls and this band had them! Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Cockney Rejects!

I first came across the rejects on yes you’ve guessed it the John Peel show when he played their single flares and slippers! Where would people of my age be without john peel?

produced by jimmy pursey and championed by Garry bushall the rejects were maybe the first oi band!

When I realised they were also west ham fans well that was good enough for me, on bass was known west ham icf hooligan Vince Riordan who had actually appeared on the notorious itv hooligan documentary with other members of the icf.

I first saw the rejects at The famed Royal Standard in Bradford i could not belive how young they were, and what a great group they also were, by then punk had changed and was becoming less arty and more working class with bands like sham the uk subs and the cockney rejects taking over.

The oi movement which was a white skinhead working class movement nearly destroyed the rejects trouble seemed to follow them wherever they went because of the west ham connection, which to be honest they played up to at the start, stinky turner would often be offering people out at gigs!

It was amazing to see the Rejects on TOTP and they even released im forever blowing bubbles in honour of West ham getting to the 1980 cup final against Arsenal,west ham then in the 2nd division beat Arsenal 1-0 thanks to a goal from Trevor Brooking (god)! I was actually at wembley for this game!

Their 2nd album called Greatest Hits Volume 2 what else! is a minor classic it has war on the terraces,oi oi oi,the rocker,greatest cockney rip off amongst other great tracks!

A friend of mine promoted the rejects around this time and I ended up roadieing for them that night! I dropped the Guitarists Micky Geggus speaker! if looks could kill!

The Leeds service crew turned up to this gig and at one point I thought it was going to explode but the gig passed off peacefully!

After greatest hit vol 3 and the power and the glory the  band took off to be a more serious heavy rock band, with some success.

Still touring to this day and one of mine and morriseys favourite bands, when he curated the meltdown festival he booked the cockney rejects to play the royal Festival hall, bloody fantastic!

your download today is the gig in Bradford I actually roadied at hear the tension as the plugs are pulled at the start and you think there’s going to be a riot!

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