Thin Lizzy-Ac/Dc and other rock music.

Ah the life of a punk in the 70s we were such music snobs at one point it was punk and some reggae and nothing else! in fact Joe strummer said it was Stalinist as if nothing had existed before punk! I remember putting all my old slade and glam rock records away and being quite ashamed that I had ever listened to things like that!

But listen to this racket by slade this was punk!

one of my friends bought the thin Lizzy Album jailbreak in 78 but i dismissed it out of hand as it was not punk but listening to the album today its like wow what a record and how stupid I was to dismiss it!


Thin Lizzy’s the cowboy song one of the greatest songs ever!

As I moved on I started listening to ac/dc and god forbid Led zeppelin too, punks dinosaur enemy, in fact I became a bit of a Zep head! but never a rocker! At the end of the day it’s all music some good some not so good but I love all sorts now electronic, pop ,punk ,rock you name it I love some of it!

Foot note I was told off slightly on twitter for mocking the arcade fire saying they were influenced by both the clash and culture club, and with some thought why  can’t they be, were influenced by all sorts! Sorry I stand corrected!



7 Comments on “Thin Lizzy-Ac/Dc and other rock music.”

  1. you weren’t told off! i just dared to have proper exchange with you….your blogging is great fun.

  2. reznuk says:

    Well you could call it dinosaur music, but some of us simply added it (along with punk) to our repertoire. I wasn’t a ‘punk purist’ and very much listened to rock, metal, prog, and music beyond (I’ve mentioned Punishment of Luxury and Devo). The 70’s was such a fantastic time for music! 🙂

    • hitsvilleuk says:

      But i was a purist steve but have been listening to all sorts for years loving thin lizzy today! devo and penetration coming soon im looking for some suitable stuuf to make avaliable i have some devo bootlegs and penetration bootlegs too!

  3. There was definitely a middle ground between punk & rock. My music snobbery (elitism? fascism?) dissipated a long time ago but even back then I could appreciate some of my “grebo” mates’ musical tastes (despite paying lip service to year zero and “dinosau” bands). My eldest brother loved his loud guitar music which led me to appreciate the Who, Lizzy, Sabbath and Led Zepp etc. PLUS – how about comparing Penetration’s intro to Don’t Dictate and Paranoid by Black Sabbath *strokes chin* mmmmmm…

  4. Also… no Thin Lizzy or Queen = no Skids or Big Country? Discuss…

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