The Roxy London Wc2

I must have played this album thousands of times when it first came out it was the punk album at the time recorded at the infamous Roxy club, where all the punks movers and shakers were playing!

to a northern lad from Bradford it was a true piece of pure punk gold!

  1. Runaway slaughter and the dogs
  2. “Boston Babies” Slaughter & The Dogs
  3. “Freedom The Unwanted
  4. “Lowdown” wire
  5. “1 2 X U” Wire
  6. “Bored Teenagers”the adverts

Side two

  1. “Hard Loving Man johnny moped
  2. “Don’t Need It”eater
  3. “15” Eater
  4. “oh bondage up yours! x-ray specs
  5. “Breakdown buzzcocks
  6. “Love Battery”Buzzcocks


right from the start of this, were slaughter and the dogs were murder and the cats this ones called runaway! it’s a brilliant album, probably the ones who did not do much after this were the unwanted fronted by Ollie I belive. but slaughter and the dogs (seen) wire (seen) the adverts (seen) eater  x-ray specs (seen) and the Buzzcocks (seen) what a line up for punks first live album! its been reissued a couple of times on cd but the original track listing is by far the best! if you have not heard this GET IT BOUGHT!



Bloody Punk rock how lucky was I to live through the last great youth movement and see most of the bands before the reunions when it all actually mattered!


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