In A Rut

The ruts were one of the best bands to emerge from punk and unfortunately were like a lot of the bands of the time short-lived.

I first came across the ruts when a friend of mine urged me to buy a single that was coming out called in a rut by the ruts,but before this had came out id heard it on the john peel show, i actually remember staying up cassette player in hand waiting to tape the ruts peel session! no iplayer in those days! john peel influenced the youth of those days with his choice of records and sessions thanks john!

Living  in Bradford at that time and being a punk meant one thing a trip to the royal standard on a sunday night to see a band and the ruts played there and they were just fantastic the royal standard was just like a large living room with a stage, there were probably maybe 20 people in that night and the energy they produced would have lit up Bradford,I was pogoing virtually nose to nose with Malcolm owen as he sang!

Malcolm actually had this yellow polka dot shirt on at the gig,after the gig he was very chatty, he even signed a beer mat for me saying get drunk! Sadly Malcolm was dead by 1980  another talent taken by drugs, the ruts tried to carry on but without Malcolm it just never could be the same, I was lucky enough to of seen them in the equivalent of someones living room! This band had the songs and could of been massive check them out if you dont know much about them!

as a footnote to this here are some of the bands who played the royal standard

punishment of luxury/lurkers/slaughter and the dogs/uk subs/pure hell/cockney rejects/Adam and the ants/crabs/ruts/bitch/joy division/fall/drones/jerks/big in japan/angelic upstarts/monochrome set/frantic elevators/generation x/the wall and many many others!

As another footnote did I really see devo get bottled off at reading festival in 1978?

The download today is a ruts gig from 79 enjoy



2 Comments on “In A Rut”

  1. The Ruts were a class band – “Babylon’s Burning” will always be an outstanding single.
    Interestingly Ruts drummer Dave Ruffy now hits the skins for Edwyn Collins, which is a lovely combination of talents, I think.
    Jeremy/The Disappeared

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