Marc Bolan-metal Guru

This is the first in a ocasional series of records that made the man I am!

The first record i ever bought with my own cash was metal guru by Marc Bolan, at the time Marc was the greatest thing in the glam pop business, id first heard of him when ride a white swan got to no 1 and a copy of the electric warrior album was also in our house, it was my elder sisters.

The Hair the voice the looks marc Bolan had it all,he looked bloody fantastic! Always on top of the pops too,with mickey finn on the bongos he always looked well out of it!

Anyway I still love this song  and it still sends a shiver down my spine when I hear it! Its record NO1 in my collection!

This is the record that started my love of music  , if you don’t know much about T Rex you had better start to discover them! They Made some truly fantastic records.

i actually met micky finn once he was staying in the hotel i was head chef in my abiding memory is of him slumped in the lounge propper stoned!

RIP Marc dead before he was 30 such a shame.


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