The Name Is Crass Not Clash

And so we come to crass did you love them or did you hate them? well I must have loved them at some point as I have a crass tattoo but they seemed to divide the punk world at the time.

Cries of anarchy seemed to be for real from their lyrics but they lived in a commune was that not what hippies did? I was confused!

I remember the feeding of the five thousand coming out and buying it and being a bit bemused by it but after a lot of plays I loved it, to me it was the true DIY spirit of punk but with hindsight produced by hippies and punks!

I suppose I was a true contradiction a clash fan who loved crass too but it was all music to me, the imagery was brilliant and the pricing of the records was great too very very cheap!

I saw Crass twice and it was too me a very dark and quite scary experience the noise the small places they played the flashing lights, they were very strange gigs!

Looking back on the whole crass movement you can now see it as the start of the new age hippy thing that probably still goes on now, but peaked in rave, it spawned a lot of terrible bands like GBH discharge and poison girls, to me these were not what punk was about it was more arty and subversive then just shouting anarchy more attitude then Mohicans!

Punk Is dead but i still have my crass tattoo and still play the feeding of the 5000 now and again!

If you’ve not played Crass for a while give them a spin it still sounds fresh and angry!


6 Comments on “The Name Is Crass Not Clash”

  1. Ronnie Gordon says:

    My marriage is divided on the whole Crass question. OH loved all that stuff. Not my cup of tea. I preferred The Stranglers much less right on!

  2. Ronnie Gordon says:

    An amazing live band! Only saw them twice Brighton and Bradford (St George’s Hall I think)I still love the attitude – for me the defining feature of punk and the bass playing.

  3. reznuk says:

    I LOVED Crass – for me they exemplified ‘real’ punk. From their musical influences grew a whole range of bands like Throbbing Gristle (who I also love) and from their political and societal ideologies grew bands like Amon Duul II (another band I love). It’s all good.

    There’s an ideological thread that runs through Crass, Amon Duul II, Bob Dylan, Rage Against The Machine, System of a Down, etc. A thread of protest against the established way, and a calling for change, for something different. I have to say I think that ‘got’ me as much as the music. (although I never went so far as to get their name tattooed on me).

    Great blog once again btw.

    • hitsvilleuk says:

      Kind words once again steve, love the political aspect of the lyrics that crass did, a friend actually stopped at dial house and got into the politics in a big way! i just had the symbol done by said friend my watch covers it up nicely!

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