The Jam-Mod Or Punk, Who Cares

And so we come to the jam a band that rode along on the punk crest but with hindsight we can see that they were never punks but just angry young men! I remember buying in the city and being blown away, and not really caring why they had suits on I just liked the racket that they made! As the years have passed we can see that Weller is the last mod!

The first album is superb some of the songwriting from a young Weller is truly out of this world especially away from the numbers.

In fact i was so impressed with Bruce Foxton that I even had a  Foxton haircut! The 2nd album bombed and I remember thinking that’s it for them! then I walked into the HMV in 78 and heard the opening of billy hunt from all mod cons and I was bloody hooked again! The album all mod cons is a complete classic from beginning to end it still gets played a lot by me 33 years later!

The jam were a fabulous band live I saw them 3 times I think! I’m not sure the alcohol and excitement and seeing bands nearly every night makes the memory hazy! but I vividly remember them playing at the old queens hall in Leeds maybe £1.50 a ticket I took my girlfriend (hello Karen) and we pogoed down at the front!

Around 1980 I bought my first scooter and flirted with mod but I was always a punk! The Jam went from strength to strength really, a  british band who had great success, you can see their influence to this day, but I remember them as a punk band who ended up with a mod following! One thing for sure they made some fantastic records!

Todays download is some studio demos from 75/76

cd is ripped at 320k


3 Comments on “The Jam-Mod Or Punk, Who Cares”

  1. reznuk says:

    Sadly, I never really liked The Jam – I think quite a few of us punks at the time knew they weren’t punks and kind of resented them for trying to pass themselves off as pseudo-punk. Consequently I never got into their music (although I can appreciate it for what it was, in retrospect, now). Still like the blog though 🙂

  2. hitsvilleuk says:

    Hi steve
    thanks for commenting! i think the phrase used for the jam as well as a few others was plastic punks! I posted a link to your blog on my blog roll hope thats ok!

  3. noelwade01 says:

    Thanks for this.I don’t think they needed the approval of punks to be considered a great band.Their legacy speaks for it self.Great blog.

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