West Ham-Where Now?

So after another good start last night we capitulated in the 2nd half,who is giving the half time talks is it Sven? First half good 2nd half not so good.

I don’t know where we go as a club from here other than the championship and possible financial meltdown,to me Avram is not up to the job of motivating the players but saying that the squad is so bad now its laughable!

The squad has been run down like a shop about to close for a few years now and now all that’s left are players on high wages that nobody else really wants.

The olympic stadium will we fill it? I doubt it very much so why go there other than to make sugo money on the sale of Upton park!

The owners seem to have forgotten that we the fans are the club we will always be there no matter who the owners or players are.

So from the excitement of last nights first half to this mornings despair I say West Ham sort it out before it’s too late,find some passion from somewhere even if it’s just for this season,keep us up then move on thank you.

Back to punk rock blogging later,sorry for this digression!


2 Comments on “West Ham-Where Now?”

  1. reznuk says:

    A lot of Arsenal fans cheering on the Hammers last night – I thought Birmingham got a little lucky, and got away with a number of hefty challenges that would have brought cards out any other night. To be fair it’s hard to see them surviving in the Premiership unless something radical is done – and that’s likely to be Grant going ASAP. If they get relegated there’s no way they’ll get the olympic stadium either (although I wasn’t a fan of that anyway). Dark days, but they’ll turn it around I’m sure.

    • hitsvilleuk says:

      Thanks Steve for the comments, we were on top the first half but after it all went down hill, dark days ahead,but we west ham fans dont support them for fortune and glory! good bloody job!

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