The Skids-overlooked so check them out.

The Skids who remembers them? Not many I guess but one of the best bands I ever saw live if not the best! And I have seen a lot of bands!

Scared to dance is one of THE punk albums the energy the sound just everything about it is just fantastic if you don’t have this album well your missing something!

a woman in winter my personal favourite skids song!

I managed to see the skids several times and even had a kick about with jobson and Adamson outside Bradford uni!

so many great bands around in those days I thought the music would go on forever, but now it’s stopped. I realise now I was lucky to be able to see all these bands im glad I had my youth then and not now.

Stuart Adamson a much underrated guitarist. Hanged himself in 2001 a sad sad loss.

ladies and gentlemen I give you the skids!

Skids live download cant find my demo bootleg at the moment sorry!

Tiffanys, Edinburgh
01 Of One Skin 3:33
02 Night and Day 2:12
03 Design 1:58
04 Calling The Tune 4:50
05 Reasons 2:20
06 New Daze 6:16
07 Sweet Suburbia 2:35
08 Scared To Dance 5:29
09 What Do I Want 1:41
10 Test Tube Babies 2:19
11 Scale 5:07
12 Zit 3:33
13 Question Of Style 3:34
14 Open Sound (cut) 0:36

Ripped at 320k

Stuart Adamson RIP


2 Comments on “The Skids-overlooked so check them out.”

  1. reznuk says:

    Lovely…. good memories! I love this blog! 🙂

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