The Nosebleeds.

Blast from the past or totally forgotten,to be honest I forget about them sometimes but I then put their only single on and want to jump around the room! the noise the energy the guitars it all takes me back!

The band was one of the original punk bands from Manchester and played at the famous Roxy club, ”

At The Roxy in London the band played the same two songs over and over. “The audience went absolutely berserk and consequently we were asked to play again and again, because that was what was required.”

They split after the release of their only single and future short-lived members were Morrissey and Billy Duffy!

very rare footage from so it goes I had never seen it before this morning!

There are loads of bands like this from 76/80 all one single wonders but this one is very dear to my heart.In the days before the internet if you bought a record and did not like it you played it to death anyway as you could not afford another one for ages,unlike today where we listen for a few minutes then move on to a new download.

The Nosebleeds-check them out,you don’t get bands like this anymore, mores the pity!





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