Favourite Albums Kate Bush-The Hounds Of Love

And so now we go off on a tangent away from punk and to one of my most loved albums,whenever I hear this it transports me to  1985 when I was with a special someone (sigh) music has the power to be a time machine.

Side 1 (Hounds of Love):

Running Up That Hill
Hounds of Love
The Big Sky
Mother Stands For Comfort

Side 2 (The Ninth Wave)

And Dream of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking The Witch
Watching You Without Me
Jig of Life
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog

This is to me one of the greatest albums of the eighties, Kate first came onto my radar with wuthering heights (78) but I was still musically into the whole punk thing, I bought the single and the album the kick inside but did not get into it till much later.(my mum hated wuthering heights! more than she hated punk)

But back to the hounds of love right from the first track running up that hill-side one is an absolute winner all of them great tracks as for the ninth wave (side 2) this is my personal favourite side,the title the ninth wave is taken from a section of poetry by Tennyson the coming of Arthur, listen to this side in the dark its just so atmospheric I totally love this album, i never ever get bored with it,it still brings something new to me every time i play it.

looking back now Kate Bush was as groundbreaking as the punks if not more so then some of them as she really was doing something no-one else was doing at the time, I know john Lydon is a big fan!

Kate unfortunately never tours , she did do one but never since it’s a shame as I would love to catch her live.

it’s rumoured she will be releasing new music this year I for one can’t wait.

the hounds of love add this to your record collection , you wont regret it.


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