Favourite Albums-Crossing the red sea with the adverts!

I wonder what we’ll play for you tonight
Something heavy or something light
Something to set your soul alight
I wonder how we’ll answer when you say
‘We don’t like you – go away
Come back when you’ve learnt to play

And so it came to pass that the adverts released one of the best punk albums of all time if not the best! If you don’t have this in your collection I think it’s a must have!

The track list is as follows

All tracks written by T.V. Smith

  1. “One Chord Wonders”
  2. “Bored Teenagers”
  3. “New Church”
  4. “On The Roof”
  5. “New Boys”
  6. “Bombsite Boy”
  7. “No Time To Be 21”
  8. “Safety In Numbers”
  9. “Drowning Men”
  10. “On Wheels”
  11. “Great British Mistake”

There is not a bad track on this album from one chord wonders to great british mistake its a fantastic record,originally released on red vinyl! I was lucky enough to catch the adverts supporting the damned back in 78 I think,they were a great live band!

TV Smith still tours to this day and I belive he is touring this album this year! Catch him if you can!

Strip down to the bare facts of it.
Into the cold heart, no hope and all that shit.
No chances, no plans.
I think I’ll be somebody else.
Or else a madman.
It’s no time to be 21,
To be anyone.

The above lyrics could have been written for the jobless generation the cuts are bringing us.

After the Sex Pistols and The Clash the adverts were the band for me bored teenagers (me) one chord wonders (me) I was also in a band had to switch to bass as my one chord was never enough!

Probably a bit forgotten about now so if you don’t have this album get it you’re in for a treat!

2 Comments on “Favourite Albums-Crossing the red sea with the adverts!”

  1. reznuk says:

    You know, if you’d asked me who sang “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” I’d have had no clue, and yet I remembered the song really clearly. The Adverts eh! Good stuff. Thanks again for another good blog entry! 🙂

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