The Only Band That Matters-The Clash

The Clash, my one true love the one I never cheat on,the Sex Pistols changed everything for me, but The Clash are my true love from the punk era.

It all Started for me with the release of their first album

I must confess I never liked white riot! but this album blew me away with its tales of london and the westway not one bad track on it (not even white riot in the album context) for me even remote control I like,the song the clash discarded after CBS released it as a single!

With The Clash you could go see them play live whereas with the Pistols it was a struggle! They toured a lot and played in leeds a couple of times and i had discorved hitchhiking too by then!

The energy of the clash is legendary as a live experience they were just something else and there was a network of fans who loved them and followed them round the country.

But at the time with the subsequent albums give em enough rope,london calling,Sandinista and know your rights they were continually slagged off in the music press,in fact it still surprises me how legendary they have become!

I managed to see the clash several times and even managed to get on the guest list at 2 gigs courtesy of humping the gear for my mates band violation who eventually morphed into the cult! (she sells sanctuary).Mick Jones wore my hat on stage whilst Mikey Dread was toasting to Armageddon time,Mikey Dread was a great bloke who seemed a bit bemused by all these strange-looking kids with spiky hair

jumps a bit but if you have not heard Mikey check him out!

Meeting your heroes is never to be recommended even if your sharing Pernod with them backstage,rock stars eh! But being lucky enough to meet Mick Jones and joe strummer (RIP) after then several times in fact two more grounded and lovely   legends you could not wish to meet!

signed for me by the band in Bradford

And so The Clash finished most Messily but it is ever thus with the best bands I feel,Cut the crap is a terrible last album (thanks Bernie!) but the true legacy of the clash lives on, if you were too young to catch them watch Rude Boy it’s as close as it gets and don’t forget westway to the world.

Mick went on to Big Audio Dynamite who i loved but that’s another story. Joe Sadly died in 2002 I still miss his influence now, he was touring again and loving it, I though am glad they never reformed and turned rebellion into money! Saying that when I was chatting to mick in Newcastle a few years ago he showed me his suit label ……. Burtons it was!

Here we are, on TV, what does it mean to me? What does mean to you?


the best version ever of police and thieves from rude boy!
With these short pieces im doing no point rehashing the history it’s just a few memories from me nothing more nothing less! I hope someone out there is enjoying these!
Todays upload D.O.A. allthe demos on 2 cds if you dont have these you need them!

8 Comments on “The Only Band That Matters-The Clash”

  1. Jim Condon says:

    Nice demos thanks for those Squire!

  2. Reznuk says:

    Great blog, very evocative, and a reminder of how great they were. Oddly enough I bought all their singles (still got them) but never bought an album until about 5 years ago.

    BTW, who was it you know in the Cult? The bassist (Jamie) is a good mate of mine & lives round the corner.

    • hitsvilleuk says:

      thanks for the kind words,going to slow down a bit as advised by jim and polish my work up as it could be better! it was ian astbury that i knew originally the band was called violation then it became southern death cult when ian joined, my good mate aky was the drummer and the link between violation and southern death cult,now he is a leading member of fun-da-men-tal.small world!

  3. hitsvilleuk says:

    cant belive you never bought an album! still got all my singles including a signed copy of tommy gun!

  4. Ah Mikey Dread… how could I have forgot about Mikey Dread… I love Mikey Dread.

  5. Paul Sands says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the sentiments here. They may have only been a band but their outlook (combined with an excellent English teacher) have the most profound effect on my own life and awakening political sensibilities. I ultimately left home following a throw away comment from my dad who whilst berating me about my lifestyle (i was in a band, never home blah blah blah I’m sure you know the score) came out withe the classic comment “I blame that bloody band The Clash”. I knew at that time the argument was lost but “I blame The Clash ” entered into my lexicon as an excuse for anything going wrong with anything anywhere 🙂

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