Sex Pistols Bands That Changed The World

The Sex Pistols the band that not only changed my life but the world too,before the pistols musically I was stuck in the wasteland of 70s pop and Rod Stewart.

I first heard about the Sex Pistols when they generated all that filth and fury press after the Bill Grundy show

If you watch the interview now I know Steve Jones swears but its pretty tame,but in 76 it was as if the world was going to end! So i knew they had a single out so I thought I would part with my 50p maybe and give it a listen.

As soon as it came on Jones  guitar and Rottens  voice things were never the same again for me,my world stopped still and i knew this was what i had been waiting for.

I started buying the Nme to hear about this punk thing,i cut my hair short and got my mum to make my flares into straights,my parents and friends thought an alien had landed,it got worse when i started buying clothes from seditionaries, I had the Westwood parachute top, bondage trousers and destroy muslim plus a couple of t-shirts,going into Bradford dressed as a punk used to attract a lot of abuse and a lot of violence from the disco kids and townies!

The single that broke the pistols worldwide though was God Save The Queen it still sends shivers down my spine when I hear it

That Single was kept off the top spot even though it sold in tens of thousands the establishment was running scared!

If all you have seen of the sex pistols is the reunion tour you have no idea how scared the establishment was of them,they were public enemy No1 in britain a target for everyone.

I saw them live In December of 1977 at the Nikkers club in Keighley which is about 3 miles from where I live, there they were john ,sid,steve and paul ,can’t really remember much about it but I was there!

Now the pistols are part of the establishment selling butter,perfume and such like but for about 2 years they had Britain on the run they changed everything and for that i will always love them.

Todays download is The Sex Pistols at Ivanhoes Huddersfield 25th Dec 1977

Ripped at 320k leave a comment if you would like some more bootlegs!



4 Comments on “Sex Pistols Bands That Changed The World”

  1. reznuk says:

    Great post – for me the pistols were *all* about the effect, and nothing to do with the music. I mean that in a good way, coz although I was a metalhead more than anything (I never cut my hair at the time), they changed the way the establishment looked at youth. If anything they empowered youth (yeah I know that sounds a bit overblown and ‘grand’) to believe they could have an impact. I didn’t listen to the music properly until years later, and discovered that actually, amateurish as they were, it was better than I’d thought.

  2. Richard says:

    Nothing like em since, heard they may be making a new album!

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