Adam And The Ants Bands That Changed My Life 2

Adam and the ants, even now i can see people’s faces when that band name is mentioned, crimes against music ant rap and prince charming but before all that nonsense we had an art/punk band who were fantastic and wrote about sex,bondage and fat fun!

They were very much unloved in the music press check out the track press darlings which name checks garry bushell and nick kent but their gigs were something else, all sorts of outcasts in the audience including me!

Old footage of the ants not a prince charming in sight!

the one and only album they released was Dirk wears white sox an absolute classic, by time it got to kings of the wild frontier the punk stage of Adams career was over,kings is also a great album but its not punk!

Many people slag Adam off for selling out but not me we all do what we have to do!

Images above from the zerox tour i was at the leeds and bradford dates!

for download today i have volume 1 of who taught you to or its other name punk in the supermarket. demos from Adams punk days ripped at 320k

Download @ copy and paste!-

if you want volume 2 please leave a comment


15 Comments on “Adam And The Ants Bands That Changed My Life 2”

  1. Jim Condon says:

    Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.

  2. andy rhoades says:

    changed my life too, for different reasons. I was at school during the ‘price charming’ era when they were massive. Didn’t check out the early stuff till later — all good

  3. reznuk says:

    Ha, I’d forgotten so much. Just been through the YouTube vids – they’re a lot ‘lighter’ than I remember. I was more into the UK Subs/Angelic Upstarts style of things anyway. It’s funny seeing them do earlier stuff & seeing in that the beginnings of the ‘Dandy Highwayman’ stuff that came later – shows it was more a development and not just a one-off gimick.

    Great blog BTW, keep ’em coming!

    • hitsvilleuk says:

      ah the upstarts they were brilliant live saw them in a small pub in bradford when liddle/police oppression came out and the uk subs are still going! charlie harper must be 70! Adam back playing live again after years of mental illness,playing his punk stuff mostly.once again thanks for your kind words!

  4. AmethystDragon says:

    Changed my life as well – I was 10 when they broke through into the mainstream music scene – I will always remember the first time I saw them on Top of The Pops -I thought they were amazing – Kings of the Wild Frontier & Prince Charming remain 2 of my favourite albums of all time – I know that the earlier punk stuff is awesome but don’t knock the power of the Ant Rap – it’s influence still resonates today

  5. Cantu70 says:

    Adam Ant Is Brilliant! Love All Their Stuff But Have To Admit I Loved The Ant Rap Stuff.

  6. Cantu70 (Joann) says:

    Adam Ant Is Brilliant! Love All Their Music But Have To Admit I Loved The Ant Rap Stuff.

  7. dossdaz says:

    Zerox Machine track alone makes them special in my eyes. Massively and criminally overlooked band, the music snobs can’t see beyond the POP shit.

  8. ER!K says:

    yup The ants changed my life as well. sort of sparked the artist and creativity in me got into punk formed a band etc. went to art school…. anyway 30 years later I just formed a band and we are calling it ZEROX MACHINE! yes we are. why because the Ants were our first band that we were just effing crazy about- we are doing covers mostly of punk stuff.
    I could give you the whole very long story of how in a mid sized town called Spokane Washington a handful of us that were into the ants would dress up and go on ant invasions and have our lives threatened. It was great! really! all because I saw Stand and Deliver on mtv.
    I saw that video and I was just blown away. I mean I flipped out ! It truly was life transforming I met two of my dearest friends to this day because I drew the ant logo on everything….
    so fast forward 30 years and we had a HUGE reunion of not just Ants but all the punk/new wave etc types in 2009 about 350 people and then my friends put together a documentary called check it out anyway if I hadnt seen the ants and gotten into punk and spearheaded the reunion my buddy never would have made the documentary.
    Antmusic for Sexpeople!

    • ER!K says:

      UK SUBS , Upstarts , Sham , SLF, New Model ARmy is what I later went on to LOVE!
      NMA is THEE only band I must see when they tour. saw SLF last year.
      Hung out with NMA backstage in Vancouver BC in ’89 they were so effing great and nice!!
      Charlie Harper spit on me once and Jake Burns gave me a bottle of water cus I was screaming so loud……

  9. mrmingoSimon says:

    Best music ever? Sadly this link is no more but thanks nonetheless

  10. mlelrod says:

    Late to the party (you blog), but me too, man. Listening to Adam and the Ants helped me come out of my “shell.” Growing up with red hair, girls used to call me ugly. By age 11-12, I thought I was ugly & destined to be alone.

    Then, I started listening to Adam and the Ants. There are a lot of lyrics about self-pride. I died my hair black & got into the “bondage style.” I was able to be myself (personality-wise) & I started attracting all sorts of girls.

    Because of Adam & the Ants, I started playing guitar. The first song I learned was “Dog Eat Dog.” I eventually went on to learn many other songs, write my own & study popular, classical & flamenco guitar while playing in bands in Los Angeles.

    Adam and the Ants helped me to find self-pride when others treated me as different, inspired em to play music & introduced me to a “kinky” side of life.

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